save-the-date for katie & darren

1/Sanbitter bottles which are Italian and a preferred treat of Darren's. The recycled bottles will double as decorations  2/ One piece, wire bicycle purchased from a vendor in the subway for $1.00  3/Found dried flowers 4/Save-the-Date

I am thrilled to death to announce that Katie, Darren and I have joined forces to plan, beautify and create their wedding!!! Besides being long-time friends, they are my first clients(!) and so far everything is going brilliantly. I helped create their save-the-date postcards (there is also a second card, with a b+w picture and more traditional look) and just recieved my own copy in the mail. 
Soon, I promise to get around to posting more info on the couple and what I'm thinking as far as inspiration, plans, flowers and decorations!

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