wire toppers

Katie & Darren have decided to forgo the traditional cake in favor of wedding cupcakes! I had cupcakes on the brain and starting craft-sketching some toppers that would be fun on a tower of these little beauties.  My new wire bicycle and the theme "tie-the-knot" kept running through my head and were the driving inspiration (Katie's wedding blog also features the theme "tie-the-knot" so it is even more fitting). I literally translated the saying into these toppers... Katie and Darren's first initials "tie-the-knot" with a piece of ribbon and a happy bow. 

This version pumped me up! It is also just a craft-sketch, but my inspiration and concept came out much  more clearly here. Love how the wire can be so playful and fun! Def a fun and easy solution to those boring, plastic bride and groom toppers!

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