the perfect lunch

Admittedly, this post was intended to go up on Wednesday, when I stole back a little bit of my life, claimed a personal health day, but, well, today is Sunday. Oops?
Last night, my roomie and I went back to Bin14 for an delightful early dinner, reminding me that I hadn't posted about this great eatery yet! (NOTE: if you decide to try Bin14, and I highly suggest that you do, make a reservation!! The place was PACKED at 5pm, when we were there. Forget about walking in a 8.)

In the days/weeks (months?) before Wednesday, I was literally a walking ball of stress. My face was permanently scowled, grey hairs were popping out of thin air and children would run screaming when they saw me. A personal day was in need. Wednesday I slept in a little late, did laundry,  finished up a few craft projects and showered all before 1pm (amazing, huh!). With much, much more planned for the afternoon I decided that a wonderful lunch would be the best relaxation and motivation that I could ever ask for. I headed across the street to the cute little wine bar, Bin14, sat, ordered an amazing glass of wine and a delectable selection of foods and blew out a huge breath of relief. Bin14 is amazing. AMAZING! Unbelievably food and amazing wine.  Just look at the pics. YUM.
I ordered too much food, but it was a party (to myself?!). Everything was amazing! Spicy calamari (battered with chickpea flour not white flour!), lobster brushetta, spice-y (flavorful with cinnamon, nutmeg and some other spices - not really spicy/hot) sweet potato fries and the killer, AMAZING, goat cheese-mushroom-aruglua pizza on a gluten-free crust. YUM.

All this in Hoboken too, who knew? 

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Ada said...

Looks delicious! I love places like that. We will have to go the next time I'm in town!!

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