grilled cheese & style

this is ben. and then this is ben right after i snipped off his curly locks and put a tame to his mane.

and this is the amazing grilled cheese with a side of chuck norris, which inspired the night. well, not really, but it definitely fueled the night and chuck norris was actually in the kitchen, that's not some image i scavenged on the world wide web. that's a real, real, real, autographed chuck norris photo with graphite  pencil ying yang on top. it lives in sibyl's kitchen, where the grill cheese was created and the whole event went down.

this is only the fourth time i have cut ben's hair. i cut lots of people's hair. (note: here is where i begin to toot my own horn for 2 paragraphs... but, if you want me to cut your hair, gimme a call!) it's just one of those random things i can do. i guess it's part of my "artistic" side, that's what my mom would say. but, whatever the reason, i'm thinking i should start adding it to my list of el miel services... event planning, florals, culinary creations and personal stylist. excited yet? (oh, i've also had a few successful attempts at personal styling/personal shopping!)

ben (and my 3 reliable clients) actually request i cut their hair! it started as a random thing i did for those in the most desperate need... but now... i am hunted on the streets, offered bribes and asked to kiss babies! it's unbelievably flattering, especially since i could literally feel their trembles of nervousness the first couple times. hehehe.

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