romantic flowers, springtime bouquet!

Starting with the end first... this bouquet was made towards the end of my wonderful RI weekend. Providence AND Newport, plus an amazing sunset drive between the two. You couldn't really ask for more. 
This year seems like a great one for the flowering trees. RI was unbelievably beautiful - the magnolias and cherries were literally bursting with life.... the air smelled sweet.... eh. Something had to be done! So I funneled a big breath of spring and then made this bouquet with just about every flower I could find!

Wondering what everything is? HA. Me too. What I do know is that the purple are Grape Hyacinth, the pink are the Magnolia blossoms (Northern varieties), the white-ish green flowers are Hellebore. Some of the budding twigs are from Wisteria and the Red Bud Tree. The small red flowers are off of the blossoming Crab Apple bush. All others are weeds (those awesome curly ones are weeds!) and select items I can not identify... you can make up whatever name for them you like. enjoy!


ada said...

lovely bouquet!

London Flower said...

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