usually, the experiance of finding four leaf clovers all boils down to seeing what you dont see and just lettting them pop out. generally, when i look for them, i cant find them. i jinx myself. they know im looking so they go into hiding. something.... but along this river in Korea, i can both look and find them. in about 30 minutes i found over 30!

 more proof. i really did find over 30 (though there are only 25 here... i only started to photograph them when i realized i would be finding more than a few...)

i also found 2 five-leafers and one six leaved clover. im on the fence about these guys. ive found more than 4 leaved clovers (or numerous-leafed clovers) in the past and they always make me curious if the lucky-ness only applies to four leaved clovers or if the luck increases per leaf? then of course, i start to think, well what if more than 4 means its UN-lucky?..then... i just start to think that anything over 3 is either a genetic mutation, a defect from clover-incest or just clover cancer and the whole thing just makes me feel weird.

i am really interested in what the masses think... anyone out there...are more than 4-leafed clovers lucky, unlucky or somewhere in between? let me know. i need answers.

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ada said...

Six leaves looks crazy, I've never seen one like that before! Just pull a couple leaves off and you'll be back to a lucky four leaf clover :)

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