it's june and what better activity to do in june than have a garden party! for some reason there are limited flowers blooming at this particular moment, but due to the enormous amount of rain this summer, there is abundantly lush foliage everywhere.
i am fortunate enough to come from an amazingly creative family... all the glassware was collected by my family and the sawhorse table was designed by my father. with fresh strawberries galore at this time of year, it was hard to resist a little party. 


ada said...

dessert looks yummy, is that sorbet you put into a mold? or some kind of jello/flan?

elmiel said...

Yes, the molded lemon item in the center of the dishes is sorbet. I was inspired by something I saw in a Martha Stewart Magazine (love that magazine.. ah) and decided to give it a whirl.
All I did was scoop out some sorbet and push it into the mold - then gave it a little time to re-freeze. Popping it out of the mold was easier than I expected, it practically jumped out by itself after a little dip in some hot water...
super easy - you should try it! soon im going to try LAYERING it in the molds.. whoooo eeeee!

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