summer garden lobster party! kicking off the summer with a please-all dinner...New England Lobster! Eating lobster is a down and dirty (but unbelievably fun!) task so we decided to move our table outside and have a dinner on the lawn. Accompanying the lobster was a salad of garden fresh greens and strawberries (also with slice almonds and gorgonzola) as well as a huge plate of sauteed kale. To jazz up the butter we created a chimi churri type sauce....chopped parsley, red onion, garlic and chives and mixed it in. The food was absolutely delicious!

more photos below!

 If you don't plan your lobster party ahead of time, or just don't have the proper "lobster tools" don't worry!...we didn't either but got by just fine (and had way more fun) ripping the lobster apart with our hands, random pliers and hammers.

After my little experiment with greens in the butter (aka chimi churri) I don't think I will ever be able to go back to plain old regular butter... so delicious! Totally a must try!

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ada said...

looks so delicious! wish i was there!

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