yum. do you know lentils have 2x more iron than all other legumes?

i only sort-of love lentils, i guess it could be described as a seasonal love?  i really start craving them when fall air seems to be creeping in and summer is finally over. (not that i dont love summer, its just i love fall WAY more.) but, yep, right as the seasons are switching i get this killer craving for lentils and all the  fall veggies... which has lead me here, to one of the most amazing lentil soups i have ever tasted.

A huge thanks to Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks for inventing?/creating/posting this recipe because not only is it delicious, it has pretty much been fueling me breakfast, noon and night for the last couple days.
so absolutely amazing, i just had to share. this soup is vegetarian to the core and a perfect solution for my fall veggie cravings... the base is made from squash! and the additional veggies are leek, onions and fennel. YUM. i cant say enough about this soup!
(i know the lentil is not a very sexy bean, it's not really event that photogenic, but really, it is amazing!)

check out the recipe here

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