i have been over-the-moon about all the DIY bow tutorials online these days. who knew gift bows were so easy to make (and so easy to make cooler than the ones you can buy in stores!) besides making some for myself, i decided to give myself a challenge so i experimented with making my own glitter paper before twisting it all into bows. i'm pretty pumped about how it all turned out!

the bows are super easy to make, you just take strips of paper, twist them into a figure eight and then secure the ends. once you have a few made in different sizes, you arrange them so they look nice and bow-like and then glue or secure everything in place. then waaa-laaa a super awesome glitter bow!

i went wild! i made about 15 large glitter bows and then with some leftover paper, i made glitter circle and shapes to accessorize gifts. i have always loved wrapping. it makes a good gift great.

here is a DIY tutorial for how to make bows. play around with glitter! nothing says holiday cheer like glitter (haha)

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