a couple of days ago i got the urge to do a post and had this idea to write about our (first!) most recent snow storm, but then i realized that would be TWO weather related posts in a row... and that would mean i have nothing to talk about besides the weather... AND that would mean I'm a boring old lady. (not that all old ladies are boring or that I'm not secretly really excited to be an old lady... you know what i mean) Any who, all i am saying is that when you have nothing to talk about besides the weather you should very quickly find something better to talk about... so whipped out my printer and exacto knife and made these!

i had an idea to create seating cards like this - where the table number is a pop up - last year when i was working with Katie & Darren on their reception planning and graphics. we went another route in september but i still love this idea! its simple, paper saving and unique... plus really pretty. 

oh yes, i know what your thinking... they are labor intensive.. but that's why you hire someone (me!!) to make them for you. 

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