i would like to take a minute to give a shout out to the spray rose and carnation, both grocery store staples and both slightly detested due to misuse in the 80's and 90's. always a fan of the underdog, im on the side of the standard roses and carnations of the world, especially the carnations, because they are valued (mentally and price-wise) lower than all other flowers in the world. (except the painted mums. those are just weird.) so, i went out on a mission to make something nice out of grocery store staples, carnations, roses and in search of something green and inexpensive, headed over to the produce area and snagged a bunch of dill.  (I love using herbs in arrangements. they smell great, and are also, undervalued in the floral world.)

peachy-pink & white carnations, spray roses, dill, privet berry and amaryllis were the only floral materials used here. everything either came from the grocery store, i forced or found at home or i picked up at a local second hand store. super bonus is that the purchased flowers (i.e. grocery store items) cost less than $20!

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